How To Root Android – Download OneClickRoot For Android

After deciding to root your Android device what would be your next step? Most probably the next step would be to find a reliable and successful rooting application. When looking at the Android world it seems that most Android users are not completely aware of rooting but prefer it due to its advantages. One click rooting tools are the best solution for fresh Android rooting lovers since other rooting strategies are too advanced for freshers. There are so many one-click rooting tools that can be used for free to gain root acess. It is hard to find out what is best and what is reliable due to the competitiveness among the rooting tools. Let’s see why OneClickRoot is more reliable and successful as a one-click rooting tool.

Rooting Strategies

  • One-click Rooting tools (PC and Android Versions)
  • Odin root for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
  • Flashing Root packages in custom recovery (Magisk, SuperSU)

These are the popular rooting methods which are currently being used in the Android world. Except One-click Rooting tools other two methods are bit harder to perform because users need some advanced knowledge to perform those tasks. One-click Rooting tools are easy to use and only take a few minutes to work.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of One-click Rooting Tools

Let’s consider the beneficial side of one-click rooting tools before navigate towards the negative side. The most prominent advantage of one-click rooting tools is, the ability to use without advanced technical knowledge. Most of the one-click rooting tools only require two or three taps or clicks to root your device. So, all the Android users can use them very easily. As the second advantage, free of cost can be considered. Most of the one-click tools are developed by third-party developers and they release their tools for free and only require some donations.

The availability of the tools is another positive reason to use one-click rooting. As you see, there a number of one-click rooting tools and you can choose the most suitable and successful tool after comparing them and their feedbacks. But it is hard to find all-in-one rooting tool because each tool is only compatible with each or several devices. So, definitely, you need to compare at least 3 rooting tools before choosing the ideal one for your device. So, the abundance of one-click rooting tools comes as a blessing behind a mask. Now, let’s turn to the negative side of one-click rooting tools. We can list them as follows.

  • No frequent updates
  • Only compatible with lower versions of Android
  • Mostly support older Android devices
  • less stability on the latest Android versions
  • Some tools are less successful
  • Comes with language issues (Only support one language)

Why Is Rooting So Popular

  • Android is the most customizable mobile operating system in the world. Rooting makes it even more customizable
  • Allow users to install apps that have been restricted by device manufacturers and network carriers
  • Users are able to install apps such as Greenify and SetCPU to enhance the device battery life and performance
  • Allow users to use apps such as Tasker to automate their lives
  • Allow users to block advertisments through adblocking apps
  • Rooting allows users to use advanced backup applications and back up everything which cannot be done on non-rooted devices
  • Gives users a chance to remove pre-installed apps using app remover application
  • Users are able to change the current Android Skin after rooting the device
  • Android comes with a number of hidden features and users are able to use them after rooting
  • After rooting, users are able to use free tethering on their devices if the carrier has disabled the functionality

Popular Root Apps

Here are some popular apps which can be used on your Android device after rooting your device.

  • Adaway Allow users to block the advertisments that appear on all the apps and browsers
  • System App remover – The app allows users to remove system apps that are not useful
  • Diskdigger – Allows users to get back data which was accidentally deleted
  • Greenify Help users to save the battery power of device hibernating the apps. Though the app is available for non-rooted, it needs a rooted device to work maximum.

Root Your Android Device Using OneClickRoot

OneClickRoot is one of the popular rooting tools which has been developed to give you a reliable root acess. The official OneClickRoot website allows you to check the compatibility of OneClickRoot with your device. If you can provide the required details, the official site will tell you if your device can be rooted or not using the OneClickRoot tool. So, you can proceed with OneClickRoot confidentially. The tool is available in both PC and APK version and you can choose one of them according to your preference.

How To Root Using OneClickRoot apk

  • 1 Step – Download ONECLICKROOT.APK
  • 2 Step – Go to > Settings > Security > Check “Unknown Sources”
  • 3 Step – Install application and open it
  • 4 Step – Follow on-screen instructions and finally click on “Root Device” button to get root acess

Final Word

Make sure to have a full back up of your device before root your device. Also, be informed that OneClickRoot is highly compatible with Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X.