How To Root Android – Why Should You Know About Android SDK Platform Tools

how to root android

Even though How To Root Android seems to be one question, there are so many hidden questions inside it. Because How To Root Android varies according to the device model, brand, Android version and so many things though the question is called as How To Root Android. Here, you are going to know about another important part hidden under the above question which is essential in rooting. That is the Android SDK Platform Tools. Most of Android users know what this is, but there are some users still do not know what Android SDK Platform Tools. Here, you will be able to find about it which would be really beneficial if you have an idea to root your device.

Android SDK Platform Tools

Android SDK stands for Android Software Development Kit and it is used by Android app developers to create Android apps. Android SDK includes various components and Android SDK Platform Tools is one of those components. Android SDK Platform Tools includes adb, fastboot, and systrace which are vital for Android app development. Besides the Android app development, adb and fastboot tools help Android users to unlock Android smartphones and flash new images on them.


SDK Platform Tools are available for MacOS, Windows and Linux platforms and you can use Android Studio’s SDK Manager to get the platform tool easily and place the tools simply. Here, you can find the way to install Android Studio on your Windows, MacOS and Linux computer.

Windows (Place the programme in the root of your C: drive and rename as Android )

  • 1 Step – Visit the official Android developer website and download the Android studio .exe file
  • 2 Step – Double-click to launch the programme
  • 3 Step – Follow the setup wizard in Android Studio and install SDK packages it recommends

MacOS (Place programme Your home folder And Rename As Android )

  • 1 Step – Download the Android Studio DMG file
  • 2 Step – Drag and drop Android Studio into the Applications
  • 3 Step – Launch Android Studio
  • 4 Step –Follow the Android Studio Setup Wizard guide to download relavant Android SDK components

Note – You need a working version of Java to run the SDK components. Usually, MacOS includes Java and you can install Java on your Windows computer through the Oracle website.

Installing Android SDK Platform Tools

  • 1 Step – Open Android Studio. The programme looks like a terminal or shell command in general but you may see it as Graphical User Interface as long as you have Java on your computer
  • 2 Step – Click Android SDK Manager and select Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-Tools and Google USB Drivers (For Windows)

Setting Your PATH


If you are using the latest version of Windows you have to update the system Environment Variable settings to set the PATH for your tools. Because, though the tools are installed in the application data folder you cannot find it in Windows\users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Android

  • 1 Step – Press the “Start” key on your keyboard
  • 2 Step – Type “Environment Variables” in it
  • 3 Step – Choose ” Edit the system environment variables”
  • 4 Step – Select the PATH line item in the User variables for (your user name) section in the Environment Variables window
  • 5 Step – Next, click the “Edit” button
  • 6 Step – Add the full path to Android SDK tools and Android SDK platform-tools folders in the box (Use a semi-colon to separate the two names)
  • 7 Step – If you have used another folder than Android, make sure to use the path to that folder instead of the Android folder


  • 1 Step – Open the .bash_profile with any text editor which you can find in your Home folder
  • 2 Step – Add export PATH=”$HOME/Android/tools:$PATH” and export PATH=”$HOME/Android/platform-tools:$PATH” line to the top of the editor and save the file (Use the relavant path if you have used another folder than Android)
  • 3 Step – Now, reboot the computer to save the path properly
how to root android

15 seconds ADB Installer

15 seconds ADB Installer is a simple tool which has been developed by Snoop05 to install ADB, Fastboot and Drivers at once. Although the Android Studio is official it takes a bit more time and process is bit complicated and consume a lot of space on your PC. On the other hand, Android studio is more important for app developers and it is unless downloading such a big programme for simple tasks. So, you can simply download 15 seconds ADB Installer from XDA developers and run it as the administrator to have ADB, Fastboot And USB drivers.

  • Download the programme and run it
  • Press Y/Yes to install ADB and Fastboot or you can press N/No to skip
  • Press Y/Yes to install ADB system-wide or N/No for current user only
  • Press Y/Yes to install Drivers or N/No to skip
  • Continue Driver installation and within 15 seconds you are done

You can find ADB and Fastboot drivers in SystemDrive> ADB directory and if you are the current user UserProfile> adb directory. Also, you can use drivers in any folder via CMD.

Final Word

If you are a regular Android user who is looking forward to performing simple Andri tasks such as rooting 15 seconds ADB Installer would be beneficial for you. Because it is very simple and easy to install than Android Studio