How To Root Android – Download Samsung Odin For Better Rooting Experince

odin root

Android rooting one of the mind-blowing tasks which is exclusively related to Android smartphones. Most of Android smartphone users are really keen on Android rooting but they do not have enough knowledge to process and also they are really afraid of losing device warranty after doing so. However, if you dare to bear the riks of Android rooting, there are lots of things you can have as rewards of Android rooting. Actually, I do not encourage you to root your device or not root your device as it depends on the comprehension you have on the Android rooting.

Android Rooting

Simply, Android rooting is the mechanism you must follow to acess the system files of your Android smartphones. Literally, the mechanism seems to be very easy. But it is not as it seems. Honestly, Android rooting is a little bit risky task as it directly deals with the system files of your device. So, if you are fresher to Android world, I have to mention that Android rooting is risky for you although it is not sweet to hear. But you can give it a try after getting some knowledge as no one comes as an expert to any field. So, start with the basic and reach proficiency.

How To Root Android

There are two universal methods that you can use to root your Android device. You can use either a one-click rooting application or custom recovery method to root your device. If you are Smasung Galaxy user, you can use Odin root which comes as a combination of above mentioned two universal methods. If you prefer one-click rooting tool, simply explore the internet and download a compatible app for your device. Most of the one-click tools come in both PC and Android versions and those apps are really easy to use. But, you should pay your attention before using the tool since each app has different requirements.

As an example, the Android version can be mentioned. Some apps as are really compatible with Android Lollipop and the same apps might not work on Andriod Marshmallow though the app developer has mentioned it is compatible. So, you need to be careful when choosing a one-click rooting app. The recovery method completely different from the one-click rooting tool and require some advanced knowledge. So, you might be thinking what about Odin root. Actually, It should be discussed separately

odin root

Odin Root

Odin is the official utility programme which has been designed to flash stock ROMs on Samsung Galaxy smartphones when they bricked. In addition to the basic feature of the Odin, there are some other features in which rooting includes. As mentioned above, the Odin root is a little bit different when compared to other rooting methods. It works half as a one-click rooting application and half as a recovery method. But you can only root a limited number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones using the Odin application.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Using Odin

odin root

You cannot use the Odin as using a one-click rooting tool as it originally comes as a flashing utility. You need to flash a root package using Samsung Odin to gain root acess on your Android device. Since Odin is not compatible with all the available root packages that not in tar.md5, you can only flash CF-Auto-Root package using it which is in tar.md5.

Note – Make sure to unlock the bootloader of your device before flashing the CF-Auto-Root on your device as it wipes all the data on your device when trying to unlock the bootloader if you have not done it yourself. Also, flashing a root package on a device with locked-bootloader may be a cause to have a bricked smartphone as the result of your rooting process. So, let’s start Odin root

  • Arrange a Windows computer and install the relevant USB drivers on your computer
  • Reboot the computer
  • Charge and back up your Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  • Enable USB debugging mode and unlock the bootloader of your device (Visit XDA Developers for reference)
  • Visit CF-Auto-Root official site and download the correspondent root package for your device on your computer
  • Extract the Zip package in which you can find Odin application and CF-Auto-Root application
  • Boot your device int to download mode by pressing and holding Power Key, Home Key and Volume Down Key
  • Then, you will get a warning screen and press Volume up key to continue
  • Now, Run the Odin programme as Administrator and connect your smartphone to the computer using the USB cable of your device
  • ID: COM area on the top Odin will turn in to light blue when the device is detected
  • Then, click on “AP/PDA” button and open the CF-Auto-Root application that you can find on the extracted Zip file
  • As soon as the file is loaded, Odin will start to read the data and you can see it in the Log box
  • Click on “Start” button on the Odin hen you see the message “Leave CS'” on the Log box
  • Next, Odin will flash the root package and show you a “Pass” message when done

Finally, your device will reboot automatically in recovery mode and you need to reboot in to recovery mode manually root to work

Wrapping Up

Odin root avoids the warranty of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and also it trips the Samsung Knox warranty and custom firmware flash counter which helps Samsung to identify the device tamperings easily.