How To Root Android -Download Magisk To Root Android Successfully

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Android Rooting is the divine way to customize your Android smartphone. Perhaps you may know that Android is not the exact thing as it seems. It has more capabilities hidden inside and you cannot unlock them without Android rooting. If you are keen on rooting, you may have explored a lot about it as of now and you may already know more than half of the successful rooting solutions in which Magisk includes. In here, you can dive into the Magisk and learn about it. Currently, Magisk has gained a higher reputation than any other available rooting solutions due to the Safetynet attestation API which helps Android app developers to determine the rooted/non-rooted status of an Android device.

How To Root Android

Before navigating to the sub-topic. let’s get a brief comprehension about rooting. Basically, Android is an open-source platform. It is free for any customization or modification although Android users are not granted the benefit by the Android device manufacturers and network carriers. They have denied the acess to Android system files that exist in the root file. But a specific mechanism which is called “Rooting” allows you to acess the root files and make customizations using specific apps and fastboot/adb commands. Universally, Android users can use One-click rooting apps or flashing root binaries to gain root access

One-click Rooting Apps Vs Flashing Root Binaries

One-click rooting apps are very convenient in both installation and implementation. You only have to choose a compatible rooting app for your device and download it on your device. Then, you can run it and root your device. Some of the one-click rooting tools come in PC versions in addition to APK version that requires you to connect your device to a PC to get rooted. Flashing method allows users to flash the root binaries in stock or custom recovery on the device itself or through a PC.

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Magisk belongs to the flashing method and you need to flash the Magisk Zip file in a TWRP custom recovery to gain root acess. If you are one of Samsung Galaxy users, you can download Odin and root with CF-Auto-Root that does not require a custom recovery. But Magisk cannot be compared to any other rooting solution as it helps Android users to bypass the Google Safetynet tests which prevent users from using banking and financial apps on rooted Android devices. Magisk stores all the data related to root acess in boot partition and leave system partion untouched. As Safetynet attestation API checks the System space that app is running, users can simply disable the root acess from the Magisk Hide option that is available on Magisk Manager.

Magisk Features

  • Available for completely free
  • 100% Open-Source
  • Support all Google supported Platforms
  • Root acess
  • Magisk Hide feature to hide root acess for specific apps
  • Magisk modules to customize rooted Android devices
  • Works on higher Android versions and users can use either boot patching method or recovery method to install Magisk
  • Frequent updates

Magisk Requirments

  • An Android smartphone running on Android 4.2 or higher
  • TWRP custom recovery
  • Unlock bootloader
  • Make sure to install custom kernels after flashing Magisk
  • Remove other boot image mods

How To Root Your Android With Magisk

1 Part – Install TWRP Custom Recovery

  • Download correct TWRP recovery image for your Android device on Windows your computer
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your device
  • Install ADB and fastboot drivers on your computer
  • Open the TWRP recovery image file and press Shift + Right-click on any white-space
  • Select “Open command window here” option to launch a CMD window
  • Next, connect your smartphone to the computer
  • Type adb reboot bootloader command in the CMD window and hit enter to boot your device in to the fastboot mode
  • Check you Android and tap on “Allow USB debugging” if asks
  • Next, type fastboot flash recovery twrp.img . (Make sure to modify the twrp.img with the name of your TWRP recovery .img file
  • When flashing done. type fastboot reboot to boot your device to normal

2 Part – Install Magisk Zip File

  • Download latest Magisk Zip file on your device
  • Boot your device in to custom recovery mode
  • Tap on the Install button
  • Find and Select the Magisk Zip file
  • Swipe the slider and flash the Magisk
  • Tap Reboot System to boot your device to normal

Now, you have successfully flashed the Magisk and you have root acess now. Frankly, Magisk is nothing, without Magisk Manager. Usually, Magisk Manager install the on your device as soon as you have rooted it. If you cannot magisk Manager on your device, make sure to install it yourself to take the full advantage of the Magisk Root.

Read Me Before Leave

You cannot follow the same installation process if you are running on EMUI 9/EMUI 9 + or Samsung Android 9.0/Android 9.0+. You need to follow the boot image patching method. Visit XDA developers for more details.