Download Vshare On iOS, Android & PC – Open The Gate To A World Full Of Free Apps

All smartphone users and PC users want various apps based on various purposes when smartphones are PCs are being used. The traditional way to download apps and game is to visit the official app store that has been offered by respective mobile or PC operating system. But users now tend to use 3rd party app stores from third-party developers instead of using official app stores due to the tight rules followed by the original developers of the operating systems. Vshare is one of 3rd- party app stores that is compatible with multiple platforms.

Vshare Features

  • Available for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS
  • Totally Free
  • Provide multiple contents such as videos, audios and games etc.
  • Does not require root access on Android or Jailbreak on iOS devices

Download Vshare

Vshare is available for a number of platforms including iOS, Android, Window and MacOS. Vshare is a simple and easy 3rd party app store. You can download vShare very easily on your device through the Vshare official website

How To Install Vshare On Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices

Previously, Vshare was only available for jailbroken iOS devices. But now you can download vShare on your iOS device without following the jailbreak process. Vshare works on iOS 7/8//9 and iOS 11.

  • 1 Step – Launch the Safari web browser using your iOS device and visit the official vShare website
  • 2 Step – You will be able to see some options as Completely Free, Without Appl ID and more
  • 3 Step – Select “Without Jailbreak” option and Tap on “Install” to start the Vshare installation process
  • 4 Step – Press “Home” button and Wait until the process completed
  • 5 Step – Trust the app when it is installed on your device
  • 6 Step – Go to Settings >> General >> Device and profile management and >> tap on “Trust vShare”

Now you can search the vShare app store and installed the cracked iOS apps and enjoy paid services and apps for free

How To Install Vshare On Android Devices

Vshare allows Android users to download apps and games that are now available in the Google play store. Most of them are entertainment and streaming apps. Vshare offers premium Android apps for free based on educational and promotional purposes.

  • 1 Step – Download vShare APK File
  • 2 Step – Enable the “Installation from Unknown sources” using the setting app
  • 3 Step – Install the vShare APK on your android smartphone as same as the regular Android application

How To Install Vshare On Windows

  • 1 Step – Download Vshare.EXE File
  • 2 Step –Run the executable file as administrator by right-clicking on it
  • 3 Step – Open the Vshare app store on your PC and download apps you want

How To Install Vshare On MacOS

  • 1 Step – Download Nox on your Mac and Install it on your MacOS
  • 2 Step – Launch Bluestacks and login with your Google account
  • 3 Step – Download vShare APK using Nox Emulator and install it

Now, you can run vShare on yu MacOS and download free apps

Popular Apps Available In Vshare

Spotify++ – Spotify is one of the popular audio streaming platforms that offers you access to millions of songs. The free service of Spotify offers basic features with advertisments and paid servers offer premium services such as improved streaming quality.Spotify++ offers more additional features than stock version such as no ads, unlimited music downloads, no need for Cydia and many more

MineCraft PE – MineCraft PE is one of the simple but awesome games that was originally released for Microsoft desktop platforms. Currently, MineCraft PE is available for mobile platforms. The reason for the higher popularity of the game is allowing users to create weapons and resource to keep the game running. However much the game is awesome, you cannot play it without paying for it if you try to buy it from the official app store. But you can download it for free via Vshare on both Android and iOS platforms

AirShou Screen Recorder – AirShou is one of wonderful screen recording app for iOS device. Airshou comes as a jailbreak app and available in Cydia. Now, you do not need to jailbreak your device to install Airshow on your iOS device since it is now available as Ex-Cydia app. As Ex- Cydia app it is rejected from App store. But you can download it using the Vshare app store. AirShou Screen Recorder provides features such as recording video up to 60FPS, adding quality stereo sound and many more

Terrarium TV – Terrarium TV offers a number of tv Shows under various categories for Tv show lovers. Initially, the app was only available for Android. But now it is available for iOS and users can download Vshare and have the app. It offers features such as tv shows you love, Streams and downloads Tv shows, built-in search facility, multiple languages, Subtitles and many more

Wrapping Up

Vshare is one of the awesome 3rd party app stores that allows you to have your loving apps for free on your loving platform. Most of the users try to use apps and games out of the official stores because they have been designed interestingly without tough guidelines. Hope, you will download your favourite apps for free and enjoy using Vshare