How To Root Android – Why Should You Know About Android SDK Platform Tools

how to root android

Even though How To Root Android seems to be one question, there are so many hidden questions inside it. Because How To Root Android varies according to the device model, brand, Android version and so many things though the question is called as How To Root Android. Here, you are going to know about another important part hidden under the above question which is essential in rooting. That is the Android SDK Platform Tools. Most of Android users know what this is, but there are some users still do not know what Android SDK Platform Tools. Here, you will be able to find about it which would be really beneficial if you have an idea to root your device.

Android SDK Platform Tools

Android SDK stands for Android Software Development Kit and it is used by Android app developers to create Android apps. Android SDK includes various components and Android SDK Platform Tools is one of those components. Android SDK Platform Tools includes adb, fastboot, and systrace which are vital for Android app development. Besides the Android app development, adb and fastboot tools help Android users to unlock Android smartphones and flash new images on them.


SDK Platform Tools are available for MacOS, Windows and Linux platforms and you can use Android Studio’s SDK Manager to get the platform tool easily and place the tools simply. Here, you can find the way to install Android Studio on your Windows, MacOS and Linux computer.

Windows (Place the programme in the root of your C: drive and rename as Android )

  • 1 Step – Visit the official Android developer website and download the Android studio .exe file
  • 2 Step – Double-click to launch the programme
  • 3 Step – Follow the setup wizard in Android Studio and install SDK packages it recommends

MacOS (Place programme Your home folder And Rename As Android )

  • 1 Step – Download the Android Studio DMG file
  • 2 Step – Drag and drop Android Studio into the Applications
  • 3 Step – Launch Android Studio
  • 4 Step –Follow the Android Studio Setup Wizard guide to download relavant Android SDK components

Note – You need a working version of Java to run the SDK components. Usually, MacOS includes Java and you can install Java on your Windows computer through the Oracle website.

Installing Android SDK Platform Tools

  • 1 Step – Open Android Studio. The programme looks like a terminal or shell command in general but you may see it as Graphical User Interface as long as you have Java on your computer
  • 2 Step – Click Android SDK Manager and select Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-Tools and Google USB Drivers (For Windows)

Setting Your PATH


If you are using the latest version of Windows you have to update the system Environment Variable settings to set the PATH for your tools. Because, though the tools are installed in the application data folder you cannot find it in Windows\users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Android

  • 1 Step – Press the “Start” key on your keyboard
  • 2 Step – Type “Environment Variables” in it
  • 3 Step – Choose ” Edit the system environment variables”
  • 4 Step – Select the PATH line item in the User variables for (your user name) section in the Environment Variables window
  • 5 Step – Next, click the “Edit” button
  • 6 Step – Add the full path to Android SDK tools and Android SDK platform-tools folders in the box (Use a semi-colon to separate the two names)
  • 7 Step – If you have used another folder than Android, make sure to use the path to that folder instead of the Android folder


  • 1 Step – Open the .bash_profile with any text editor which you can find in your Home folder
  • 2 Step – Add export PATH=”$HOME/Android/tools:$PATH” and export PATH=”$HOME/Android/platform-tools:$PATH” line to the top of the editor and save the file (Use the relavant path if you have used another folder than Android)
  • 3 Step – Now, reboot the computer to save the path properly
how to root android

15 seconds ADB Installer

15 seconds ADB Installer is a simple tool which has been developed by Snoop05 to install ADB, Fastboot and Drivers at once. Although the Android Studio is official it takes a bit more time and process is bit complicated and consume a lot of space on your PC. On the other hand, Android studio is more important for app developers and it is unless downloading such a big programme for simple tasks. So, you can simply download 15 seconds ADB Installer from XDA developers and run it as the administrator to have ADB, Fastboot And USB drivers.

  • Download the programme and run it
  • Press Y/Yes to install ADB and Fastboot or you can press N/No to skip
  • Press Y/Yes to install ADB system-wide or N/No for current user only
  • Press Y/Yes to install Drivers or N/No to skip
  • Continue Driver installation and within 15 seconds you are done

You can find ADB and Fastboot drivers in SystemDrive> ADB directory and if you are the current user UserProfile> adb directory. Also, you can use drivers in any folder via CMD.

Final Word

If you are a regular Android user who is looking forward to performing simple Andri tasks such as rooting 15 seconds ADB Installer would be beneficial for you. Because it is very simple and easy to install than Android Studio

How To Root Android & Improve The Performance

android root

Android rooting is the one and only way that end users can use to improve their Android devices in both appearance and performance. Android smartphones are manufactured under accepted standards to protect the durability of the device and the uniqueness of the devices. That is why end-users cannot change their Android devices as they wish. But, innovative hackers and developers has not been discouraged due to the restrictions. That is why we can use successful and fast rooting solutions to defeat the software restrictions on Android. Here we are going to know about all the important facts about Android rooting and the way you can improve your Android device after rooting.

How To Root Android

Obviously, there’s nothing to explain in this matter as there are so many answers you can find on the internet. although the How to root Android has been answered hundreds of times, there is no clear explanation regarding the issue. So, first of all here, I am going to give you a clear and simple explanation about rooting in general and this is not related to a specific smartphone brand. The file structure of Android is consist of a single root as it is a modified version of Linux and does not include several drivers as in Windows. The access to root has been denied by the device manufacturer. So, you cannot change the system files as in Windows unless you do not have privileges. In case of getting privilege control of Android, you need to change the default manufacturer’s ownership and take in to your hand.

In order to do it, you need to place the Su binary file in the system partition of your device. It is the command which Linux uses to change the administrative ownership to a regular user. There are two universal methods to place the Su binary in the Android system partition as exploiting Android vulnerabilities (Stump Root, TowelRoot, KingoRoot, etc) and flashing the Su binary file along with the utility software (SuperSU, Magisk, CF-Auto-Root) when the device is in recovery mode.

android root

Why You Need Custom Recovery Mode To Flash Su Binary

All the Android smartphones come with Stock recovery which provides basic features such as factory reset, wipe cache partition and manual update. Generally, Stock recovery does not allow you to install any unauthorized update as it can only update official updates. That is why you need Custom recovery mode to flash Su binary file along with the utility software. A custom recovery can skip the digital signature check and apply the relavant changes on the software and update it with root access

Manufacturer Support

All the Android smartphones come with a bootloader and it does not allow the device to run the Android framework if the system files of the device has been modified anyhow. In simple words, you cannot run your device at first rebooting after rooting if you have not unlocked the bootloader. Because the bootloader identifies the change that you have done on your device. But, the situation does not get worse if you have rooted your device using a One-click rooting tool. Technically, the one-click rooting tool does not alter your device partitions as it uses the one or more Android security bugs to reach the root or system files.

However, it is better to unlock the bootloader of your device for safer and smoother rooting experince. The unlocking method differs from device manufacturer to manufacturer as some of them support while others hardly support. As an example, Samsung smartphone are easily unlockable while Huawei, HTC, and Motorola devices are hard to unlock.

How To Improve The Performance After Rooting

There are a number of Amazing root apps you cannot even think of the existence of them. Most of them focused on enhancing the device performance while a considerable number of them change the appearance of your Android device. Here we are going to get to know some of the useful root apps that can drastically improve your device.

RootChekerThis is the most popular application which is downloaded by all the root lovers to verify if their root attempts are successful or not. This is a simple app but indicates the root status accurately. The app is available in Google Play store for free

SuperUser – As you know now, Su binary is the key component of Android rooting. SuperUser is the app which updates the Su binary for the proper function of a rooting device. It is also available for free in Google Play Store

Greenify – Greenify works as a power-saving app. It saves battery power hibernating the apps that do not run at the time. You can download the app on both rooted and non-rooted devices. But it does not work well on non-rooted devices. Not only battery but also it can prevent apps from using excessive RAM

Root Call Blocker Pro – Are you fed up with unwanted calls? Now, you can prevent them from the root of the device using Root Call Blocker Pro

Battery Calibration – Battery Calibration allows you to increase the battery life of your device to some extent through calibrating the battery. Calibration is the method that is used to revamp the battery stats that are collected by Android. Perhaps you may have seen that your device suddenly switch off without dropping in to battery 1%-2%. You can avoid it through calibration

Final Word

I hope, now you have clearly understood about rooting and root apps. Here, you can only find the features of apps, not the system requirements for each app. So, make sure to check the system requirements for each when downloading. Because the compatibility of apps varies according to the Android version you are running on.

How To Root Android -Download Magisk To Root Android Successfully

Magisk root

Android Rooting is the divine way to customize your Android smartphone. Perhaps you may know that Android is not the exact thing as it seems. It has more capabilities hidden inside and you cannot unlock them without Android rooting. If you are keen on rooting, you may have explored a lot about it as of now and you may already know more than half of the successful rooting solutions in which Magisk includes. In here, you can dive into the Magisk and learn about it. Currently, Magisk has gained a higher reputation than any other available rooting solutions due to the Safetynet attestation API which helps Android app developers to determine the rooted/non-rooted status of an Android device.

How To Root Android

Before navigating to the sub-topic. let’s get a brief comprehension about rooting. Basically, Android is an open-source platform. It is free for any customization or modification although Android users are not granted the benefit by the Android device manufacturers and network carriers. They have denied the acess to Android system files that exist in the root file. But a specific mechanism which is called “Rooting” allows you to acess the root files and make customizations using specific apps and fastboot/adb commands. Universally, Android users can use One-click rooting apps or flashing root binaries to gain root access

One-click Rooting Apps Vs Flashing Root Binaries

One-click rooting apps are very convenient in both installation and implementation. You only have to choose a compatible rooting app for your device and download it on your device. Then, you can run it and root your device. Some of the one-click rooting tools come in PC versions in addition to APK version that requires you to connect your device to a PC to get rooted. Flashing method allows users to flash the root binaries in stock or custom recovery on the device itself or through a PC.

magisk download


Magisk belongs to the flashing method and you need to flash the Magisk Zip file in a TWRP custom recovery to gain root acess. If you are one of Samsung Galaxy users, you can download Odin and root with CF-Auto-Root that does not require a custom recovery. But Magisk cannot be compared to any other rooting solution as it helps Android users to bypass the Google Safetynet tests which prevent users from using banking and financial apps on rooted Android devices. Magisk stores all the data related to root acess in boot partition and leave system partion untouched. As Safetynet attestation API checks the System space that app is running, users can simply disable the root acess from the Magisk Hide option that is available on Magisk Manager.

Magisk Features

  • Available for completely free
  • 100% Open-Source
  • Support all Google supported Platforms
  • Root acess
  • Magisk Hide feature to hide root acess for specific apps
  • Magisk modules to customize rooted Android devices
  • Works on higher Android versions and users can use either boot patching method or recovery method to install Magisk
  • Frequent updates

Magisk Requirments

  • An Android smartphone running on Android 4.2 or higher
  • TWRP custom recovery
  • Unlock bootloader
  • Make sure to install custom kernels after flashing Magisk
  • Remove other boot image mods

How To Root Your Android With Magisk

1 Part – Install TWRP Custom Recovery

  • Download correct TWRP recovery image for your Android device on Windows your computer
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your device
  • Install ADB and fastboot drivers on your computer
  • Open the TWRP recovery image file and press Shift + Right-click on any white-space
  • Select “Open command window here” option to launch a CMD window
  • Next, connect your smartphone to the computer
  • Type adb reboot bootloader command in the CMD window and hit enter to boot your device in to the fastboot mode
  • Check you Android and tap on “Allow USB debugging” if asks
  • Next, type fastboot flash recovery twrp.img . (Make sure to modify the twrp.img with the name of your TWRP recovery .img file
  • When flashing done. type fastboot reboot to boot your device to normal

2 Part – Install Magisk Zip File

  • Download latest Magisk Zip file on your device
  • Boot your device in to custom recovery mode
  • Tap on the Install button
  • Find and Select the Magisk Zip file
  • Swipe the slider and flash the Magisk
  • Tap Reboot System to boot your device to normal

Now, you have successfully flashed the Magisk and you have root acess now. Frankly, Magisk is nothing, without Magisk Manager. Usually, Magisk Manager install the on your device as soon as you have rooted it. If you cannot magisk Manager on your device, make sure to install it yourself to take the full advantage of the Magisk Root.

Read Me Before Leave

You cannot follow the same installation process if you are running on EMUI 9/EMUI 9 + or Samsung Android 9.0/Android 9.0+. You need to follow the boot image patching method. Visit XDA developers for more details.

How To Root Android – Download Samsung Odin For Better Rooting Experince

odin root

Android rooting one of the mind-blowing tasks which is exclusively related to Android smartphones. Most of Android smartphone users are really keen on Android rooting but they do not have enough knowledge to process and also they are really afraid of losing device warranty after doing so. However, if you dare to bear the riks of Android rooting, there are lots of things you can have as rewards of Android rooting. Actually, I do not encourage you to root your device or not root your device as it depends on the comprehension you have on the Android rooting.

Android Rooting

Simply, Android rooting is the mechanism you must follow to acess the system files of your Android smartphones. Literally, the mechanism seems to be very easy. But it is not as it seems. Honestly, Android rooting is a little bit risky task as it directly deals with the system files of your device. So, if you are fresher to Android world, I have to mention that Android rooting is risky for you although it is not sweet to hear. But you can give it a try after getting some knowledge as no one comes as an expert to any field. So, start with the basic and reach proficiency.

How To Root Android

There are two universal methods that you can use to root your Android device. You can use either a one-click rooting application or custom recovery method to root your device. If you are Smasung Galaxy user, you can use Odin root which comes as a combination of above mentioned two universal methods. If you prefer one-click rooting tool, simply explore the internet and download a compatible app for your device. Most of the one-click tools come in both PC and Android versions and those apps are really easy to use. But, you should pay your attention before using the tool since each app has different requirements.

As an example, the Android version can be mentioned. Some apps as are really compatible with Android Lollipop and the same apps might not work on Andriod Marshmallow though the app developer has mentioned it is compatible. So, you need to be careful when choosing a one-click rooting app. The recovery method completely different from the one-click rooting tool and require some advanced knowledge. So, you might be thinking what about Odin root. Actually, It should be discussed separately

odin root

Odin Root

Odin is the official utility programme which has been designed to flash stock ROMs on Samsung Galaxy smartphones when they bricked. In addition to the basic feature of the Odin, there are some other features in which rooting includes. As mentioned above, the Odin root is a little bit different when compared to other rooting methods. It works half as a one-click rooting application and half as a recovery method. But you can only root a limited number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones using the Odin application.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Using Odin

odin root

You cannot use the Odin as using a one-click rooting tool as it originally comes as a flashing utility. You need to flash a root package using Samsung Odin to gain root acess on your Android device. Since Odin is not compatible with all the available root packages that not in tar.md5, you can only flash CF-Auto-Root package using it which is in tar.md5.

Note – Make sure to unlock the bootloader of your device before flashing the CF-Auto-Root on your device as it wipes all the data on your device when trying to unlock the bootloader if you have not done it yourself. Also, flashing a root package on a device with locked-bootloader may be a cause to have a bricked smartphone as the result of your rooting process. So, let’s start Odin root

  • Arrange a Windows computer and install the relevant USB drivers on your computer
  • Reboot the computer
  • Charge and back up your Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  • Enable USB debugging mode and unlock the bootloader of your device (Visit XDA Developers for reference)
  • Visit CF-Auto-Root official site and download the correspondent root package for your device on your computer
  • Extract the Zip package in which you can find Odin application and CF-Auto-Root application
  • Boot your device int to download mode by pressing and holding Power Key, Home Key and Volume Down Key
  • Then, you will get a warning screen and press Volume up key to continue
  • Now, Run the Odin programme as Administrator and connect your smartphone to the computer using the USB cable of your device
  • ID: COM area on the top Odin will turn in to light blue when the device is detected
  • Then, click on “AP/PDA” button and open the CF-Auto-Root application that you can find on the extracted Zip file
  • As soon as the file is loaded, Odin will start to read the data and you can see it in the Log box
  • Click on “Start” button on the Odin hen you see the message “Leave CS'” on the Log box
  • Next, Odin will flash the root package and show you a “Pass” message when done

Finally, your device will reboot automatically in recovery mode and you need to reboot in to recovery mode manually root to work

Wrapping Up

Odin root avoids the warranty of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and also it trips the Samsung Knox warranty and custom firmware flash counter which helps Samsung to identify the device tamperings easily.

How To Root Android – Download OneClickRoot For Android

After deciding to root your Android device what would be your next step? Most probably the next step would be to find a reliable and successful rooting application. When looking at the Android world it seems that most Android users are not completely aware of rooting but prefer it due to its advantages. One click rooting tools are the best solution for fresh Android rooting lovers since other rooting strategies are too advanced for freshers. There are so many one-click rooting tools that can be used for free to gain root acess. It is hard to find out what is best and what is reliable due to the competitiveness among the rooting tools. Let’s see why OneClickRoot is more reliable and successful as a one-click rooting tool.

Rooting Strategies

  • One-click Rooting tools (PC and Android Versions)
  • Odin root for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
  • Flashing Root packages in custom recovery (Magisk, SuperSU)

These are the popular rooting methods which are currently being used in the Android world. Except One-click Rooting tools other two methods are bit harder to perform because users need some advanced knowledge to perform those tasks. One-click Rooting tools are easy to use and only take a few minutes to work.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of One-click Rooting Tools

Let’s consider the beneficial side of one-click rooting tools before navigate towards the negative side. The most prominent advantage of one-click rooting tools is, the ability to use without advanced technical knowledge. Most of the one-click rooting tools only require two or three taps or clicks to root your device. So, all the Android users can use them very easily. As the second advantage, free of cost can be considered. Most of the one-click tools are developed by third-party developers and they release their tools for free and only require some donations.

The availability of the tools is another positive reason to use one-click rooting. As you see, there a number of one-click rooting tools and you can choose the most suitable and successful tool after comparing them and their feedbacks. But it is hard to find all-in-one rooting tool because each tool is only compatible with each or several devices. So, definitely, you need to compare at least 3 rooting tools before choosing the ideal one for your device. So, the abundance of one-click rooting tools comes as a blessing behind a mask. Now, let’s turn to the negative side of one-click rooting tools. We can list them as follows.

  • No frequent updates
  • Only compatible with lower versions of Android
  • Mostly support older Android devices
  • less stability on the latest Android versions
  • Some tools are less successful
  • Comes with language issues (Only support one language)

Why Is Rooting So Popular

  • Android is the most customizable mobile operating system in the world. Rooting makes it even more customizable
  • Allow users to install apps that have been restricted by device manufacturers and network carriers
  • Users are able to install apps such as Greenify and SetCPU to enhance the device battery life and performance
  • Allow users to use apps such as Tasker to automate their lives
  • Allow users to block advertisments through adblocking apps
  • Rooting allows users to use advanced backup applications and back up everything which cannot be done on non-rooted devices
  • Gives users a chance to remove pre-installed apps using app remover application
  • Users are able to change the current Android Skin after rooting the device
  • Android comes with a number of hidden features and users are able to use them after rooting
  • After rooting, users are able to use free tethering on their devices if the carrier has disabled the functionality

Popular Root Apps

Here are some popular apps which can be used on your Android device after rooting your device.

  • Adaway Allow users to block the advertisments that appear on all the apps and browsers
  • System App remover – The app allows users to remove system apps that are not useful
  • Diskdigger – Allows users to get back data which was accidentally deleted
  • Greenify Help users to save the battery power of device hibernating the apps. Though the app is available for non-rooted, it needs a rooted device to work maximum.

Root Your Android Device Using OneClickRoot

OneClickRoot is one of the popular rooting tools which has been developed to give you a reliable root acess. The official OneClickRoot website allows you to check the compatibility of OneClickRoot with your device. If you can provide the required details, the official site will tell you if your device can be rooted or not using the OneClickRoot tool. So, you can proceed with OneClickRoot confidentially. The tool is available in both PC and APK version and you can choose one of them according to your preference.

How To Root Using OneClickRoot apk

  • 1 Step – Download ONECLICKROOT.APK
  • 2 Step – Go to > Settings > Security > Check “Unknown Sources”
  • 3 Step – Install application and open it
  • 4 Step – Follow on-screen instructions and finally click on “Root Device” button to get root acess

Final Word

Make sure to have a full back up of your device before root your device. Also, be informed that OneClickRoot is highly compatible with Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X.

Why Should You Root Your Android Smartphone

There is no other topic that is being discussed in the Android world other than Android Root. Actually, Android Root cannot be considered as official or authorized task since it directly violates the manufacturer and network carriers rules. As many sources explain, Android root is the process which is followed to bypass the software restrictions on the Android operating system. The key purpose of these software restrictions is to avoid the unauthorized system alterations which may be tested by the user or other unofficial parties.

How Do Manufacturers/Carriers Make Your Android Device Worse

Perhaps you may know that the Android operating system is an open-source model and it can be modified and studied under the copyright holder’s permission. But device manufacturers and network carriers put their own restictions on the Android system and modify the system according to their preferences before shipping with the device. So you cannot customize it after buying the device. There are some strategies which they use to limit your customizations.


Most of the Android devices come with pre-installed apps and you cannot uninstall them in spite of disabling them. These apps can be Android apps or apps which are installed by manufactures. Some of these apps can be useful but not all apps. These apps are called bloatware and you cannot uninstall them since they have been installed in the system partition. Users are not allowed to access the system partition. Android is based on Linux kernel and it provides some security features. As user-based permissions model, Process isolation, Extensible mechanism for secure IPC (Inter-process communication) and The ability to remove unnecessary and potentially insecure parts of the kernel. As a multiuser operating system, the fundamental security object of Linux is to isolate user resources from one another. So, always the users’ resources are secured and no third party access.

Default Themes

The pure Android system always comes in similar components and manufactures customize the Android Source code by tweaking it. That is why you are able to see different Home screens and app launcher on different smartphones. Each smartphone includes a different set of themes. apps and more. Users cannot change the default appearance as they want

Blocked Apps

Not only manufacturers but also network carries also make your Android devices worse by denying access to some apps via Google play through their network. Most of these restictions apply to some of the digital wallets and tethering apps. Since tethering apps allow users to convert the device into a portable modem allowing other devices to connect to the network via their device.

Delay or unreleased software updates

Smartphone manufactures producing various smartphone models and customizing the Android operating system to approach to the most competitive and highly profitable devices. When struggling in the competition they forgot or not interested in launching software updates for lower or older smartphones. Even though they have launched update, some carriers take considerable time to approve the update before sending over their network since carriers always need to provide their service on the latest models and versions. So it is a bit hard task to get new software update for older devices which may push you to buy the latest smartphone.

Locked Bootloader

Most of the manufacturers release their smartphone with locked bootloader preventing you from installing another operating system. A device with locked-boot loader only boot with an approved operating system and always protected from unauthorised customizations and tamperings.

After reading this what do you feel? Have you understand how much your device manufactures and carries restricted you form grabbing full potential from your device and Android system. You can avoid most of these issues after rooting your device. I hope now you have aware of the importance of rooting a device. You may have heard the word “Android Rooting” hundred of times by now and you may have thought How to root Android and what is the best way for it.

Basic Guidelines To Android Root

  • Check your Android version/Build number/ Device Model – Get to know these facts before thinking about rooting
  • Select an appropriate rooting method – There are several rooting methods to root your Android. It is better to try a one-click rooting tool if you are rooting newbie. Use Android version/Build number/ Device Model to select suitable rooting tool
  • Check other users feedbacks and Reviews – After selecting the tool, check feedbacks and reviews to determine the success rate of the tool. Do not trust any tool at once. Because people praise most of the tools focusing on marketing purposes
  • Read, Study and Watch – As you are going to use a new technique, grab as much as knowledge from every source you can reach and start your work


Rooting is the best way to come out of the shell and feel the difference. But you need to be wise to select the correct tool and the correct way to do so.

How To Install vShare Pro On iPhone and iPads

If you are a jailbreak lover, vShare cannot be a stranger for you. Because it is well-known as one of the popular Cydia repository. vShare allows users to download third-party apps and premium/paid apps/games for free.vShare works as same as the Google play or app store but recognized as a third-party app store. Previously, vShare was only available for jailbroken iOS devices. But now vShare is available for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices. Not only iOS but also you can download vShare on Android. The key purpose of the app is to allow users to download and install paid apps for free trials or for educational purposes. The app is very advantageous if you want to try an app before buying it.

Features Of vShare Pro

  • Comes in Free and Paid versions
  • Most popular iOS, Android and PC app installer
  • Allows users to download apps and games which are not available in the iOS app store and Google Play Store
  • Thousand of modified apps are available
  • Thousands of free games and apps
  • Offers content such as iBooks, ringtones, comics, themes and many more
  • No registration or account login
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Support a number of latest iOS devices and Firmware
  • Contains tweaked android apps to work on iOS
  • No need Android root

Download vShare Pro

vShare is one of the most popular third-party app stores. It comes as vShare Pro and Vshare VIP. Vshare Pro is a freeware and you can use it to download thousands of apps and tweaks without paying for it. vShare VIP comes as paid version and it offers lots more than the free version.


vShare can be installed on both Andoird and jailbroken/non- jailbroken iOS devices. It is compatible with the following devices and firmware

  • iPhone 4 to iPhone X
  • iPad (2017)
  • iPad (2018),
  • iPad Pro 12.9/9.7-inch
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air
  • iPad 2/3/4
  • iPad Mini and iPad Mini2/3/4
  • Pod Touch 5/6
  • Compatible Firmware: iOS 7.0 to iOS 11.4.1

How To Install vShare Pro on Non-Jailbroken iOS device

  • 1 Step – Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device
  • 2 Step – Visit the vShare official website
  • 3 Step – On the official site you may find UP arrow on the bottom of page
  • 4 Step – Then, you will get some options
  • 5 Step – Select and Tap on Add to Home Screen
  • 6 Step – Rename the app icon as vShare and tap on “Add”
  • 7 Step – Now, leave the safari browser and see the home screen to find the Vshare

How To Install vShare Pro on A Jailbroken iOS device

When you try to install vShare on your jailbroken device, first of all, you have to install source and install AppSync. Appsync allows users to install cracked apps including vShare.If you have installed Appsync already now you do not need to install it again

  • 1 Step – Launch Cydia
  • 2 Step – Click on Manage >> Sources >> Edit >> Add
  • 3 Step – Type in the box Cydia that shows and tap on “Add Source”
  • 4 Step – Then, you will get a Source Warning and tap on “Add Anyway” option on the message
  • 5 Step – Now, Cydia will add Appsync repository to your Cydia sources list
  • 6 Step – Next, tap on the “Search” option the Cydia screen and type “AppSync 7.0 +”
  • 7 Step – Then, tap on the “Install” button on the right top corner and wait until it installs
  • 8 Step – When the installation is completed, returns to Cydia home screen and again tap on the “Search” icon
  • 9 Step – Type “vShare” and search for it. When the result comes tap on it and installs vShare on your device

How To Install vShare For iPhone, iPad iOS App (vShare SE)

You can use the vShare helper application to install vShare using a Windows computer. If you are facing troubles when trying to install the vShare from the website or Cydia you can use vShare Helper PC Client to install the vShare application

  • 1 Step – Download & install vShare Helper PC Client on your Windows computer
  • 2 Step – Now, connect your iPhone or iPad using a USB cable to the Windows computer
  • 3 Step – Click “Install vShare” to install vShare on your iOS device

vShare TroubleShooting

  • I cannot download Vshare

If you are facing this problem restart your device and try to download again

  • vShare does not work

As said before, vShare is a third-party app store and you need to trust the app on your iOS device. Go to General > Profiles & Device Management and tap the app profile and trust the app to work

  • White Screen

White screen appears when your device needs to clear website data. You can simply solve the error by iOS Settings app>Tap on Safari > Tap on Clear Website Data

Final Word

vShare is one of most popular third-party alternative app store which offers lots of apps, games and tweaks. But installing Vshare is at your own risk since it is not an official application. However, it is a good opportunity to check an app before buying it since it offers lots of paid apps for trials. Also, vShare has more addition apps than official apps store. Because all the contents that vShare bear are collected from web sharing and users uploads. So, it is a good place to try more interesting apps.

Download Vshare On iOS, Android & PC – Open The Gate To A World Full Of Free Apps

All smartphone users and PC users want various apps based on various purposes when smartphones are PCs are being used. The traditional way to download apps and game is to visit the official app store that has been offered by respective mobile or PC operating system. But users now tend to use 3rd party app stores from third-party developers instead of using official app stores due to the tight rules followed by the original developers of the operating systems. Vshare is one of 3rd- party app stores that is compatible with multiple platforms.

Vshare Features

  • Available for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS
  • Totally Free
  • Provide multiple contents such as videos, audios and games etc.
  • Does not require root access on Android or Jailbreak on iOS devices

Download Vshare

Vshare is available for a number of platforms including iOS, Android, Window and MacOS. Vshare is a simple and easy 3rd party app store. You can download vShare very easily on your device through the Vshare official website

How To Install Vshare On Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices

Previously, Vshare was only available for jailbroken iOS devices. But now you can download vShare on your iOS device without following the jailbreak process. Vshare works on iOS 7/8//9 and iOS 11.

  • 1 Step – Launch the Safari web browser using your iOS device and visit the official vShare website
  • 2 Step – You will be able to see some options as Completely Free, Without Appl ID and more
  • 3 Step – Select “Without Jailbreak” option and Tap on “Install” to start the Vshare installation process
  • 4 Step – Press “Home” button and Wait until the process completed
  • 5 Step – Trust the app when it is installed on your device
  • 6 Step – Go to Settings >> General >> Device and profile management and >> tap on “Trust vShare”

Now you can search the vShare app store and installed the cracked iOS apps and enjoy paid services and apps for free

How To Install Vshare On Android Devices

Vshare allows Android users to download apps and games that are now available in the Google play store. Most of them are entertainment and streaming apps. Vshare offers premium Android apps for free based on educational and promotional purposes.

  • 1 Step – Download vShare APK File
  • 2 Step – Enable the “Installation from Unknown sources” using the setting app
  • 3 Step – Install the vShare APK on your android smartphone as same as the regular Android application

How To Install Vshare On Windows

  • 1 Step – Download Vshare.EXE File
  • 2 Step –Run the executable file as administrator by right-clicking on it
  • 3 Step – Open the Vshare app store on your PC and download apps you want

How To Install Vshare On MacOS

  • 1 Step – Download Nox on your Mac and Install it on your MacOS
  • 2 Step – Launch Bluestacks and login with your Google account
  • 3 Step – Download vShare APK using Nox Emulator and install it

Now, you can run vShare on yu MacOS and download free apps

Popular Apps Available In Vshare

Spotify++ – Spotify is one of the popular audio streaming platforms that offers you access to millions of songs. The free service of Spotify offers basic features with advertisments and paid servers offer premium services such as improved streaming quality.Spotify++ offers more additional features than stock version such as no ads, unlimited music downloads, no need for Cydia and many more

MineCraft PE – MineCraft PE is one of the simple but awesome games that was originally released for Microsoft desktop platforms. Currently, MineCraft PE is available for mobile platforms. The reason for the higher popularity of the game is allowing users to create weapons and resource to keep the game running. However much the game is awesome, you cannot play it without paying for it if you try to buy it from the official app store. But you can download it for free via Vshare on both Android and iOS platforms

AirShou Screen Recorder – AirShou is one of wonderful screen recording app for iOS device. Airshou comes as a jailbreak app and available in Cydia. Now, you do not need to jailbreak your device to install Airshow on your iOS device since it is now available as Ex-Cydia app. As Ex- Cydia app it is rejected from App store. But you can download it using the Vshare app store. AirShou Screen Recorder provides features such as recording video up to 60FPS, adding quality stereo sound and many more

Terrarium TV – Terrarium TV offers a number of tv Shows under various categories for Tv show lovers. Initially, the app was only available for Android. But now it is available for iOS and users can download Vshare and have the app. It offers features such as tv shows you love, Streams and downloads Tv shows, built-in search facility, multiple languages, Subtitles and many more

Wrapping Up

Vshare is one of the awesome 3rd party app stores that allows you to have your loving apps for free on your loving platform. Most of the users try to use apps and games out of the official stores because they have been designed interestingly without tough guidelines. Hope, you will download your favourite apps for free and enjoy using Vshare

vShare download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

In fact, vShare is all about a perfect third-party application store and that capable to set up on both Apple iOS and Android. It is one of well-known app collection in the market which recently updated its standing. Since we often discuss its APK approach, our focus today is about vShare download for iOS. When you are an Apple consumer, there are some conditions and restrictions that you have to carefully manage. Therefore, it is important having tactics to ignore them andenjoy the true potential of your dearly loved iDevice. So this is such a great story that you can cover a huge area through. Here we go.

vShare download for iPhone or iPad

When you are a jailbreaker but do not have a proper jailbreak to reach Cydia, there is nothing you can do unless stay patiently for hackers to offer you a chance. But, with vShare, you will be able to reach more than that even rather than stay emptily. vShare is a huge app store and that contained a heap of applications that users can find out at least a similar onewhen visit. It is easy than the official Apple app store that restricted some applications. When you come to such a free resource devoid of any condition, you can accomplish whatever on your mind that you fail to spots thus far.

However, keep in your mind that you still can reach an amazing store with apps, themes and so on completely without jailbreak. All you have to confirm is that you perfectly installed the tool.

Why vShare download is so important?

Of course, you must realize why it is so important while there are hundreds of similar stores in the market. Unlike those complicated deals, vShare is a simple and easy handling tool for any user. Its user interface is plain and easy to identify without any special guidance on own. As clarified above, jailbreak is the famed manner that users capable to find out interesting deals. But VShare can do the same in a safe manner that you do not need to worry about your security either. Of course, the app will just set to the system without touch any further section to bother you or put you in troubles.

Wrapping up

Whenever you desire to have a perfect app store on for hackers, make certain that you tried out vShare. Of course, it will let you more than the wide area to select certain things that you extremely desire. The best thing is vShare comes for free with the compatibility of almost all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models running iOS 7.0 and above. By the way, its latest version and vShare Pro stand there to serve users those who are interested to deal with whatever option in an advanced manner. If you desire to have this brave application even on your Android, of course, you are warmly welcome to try out the application on your both. The recent version is there with improved functions and more apps than ever.

The latest version of vShare apk download

vShare is all about a heap of applications. It is an app market comes with varies categories that contained new and trending applications that users can easily pick up. If you fed up being with Google Play store, this would be the best solution. Those features that felt you bad will no longer bother you and even let you feel tired searching varies apps. There are many app stores in the market comes with thousands of third-party resources. But vShare apk download is always above and being the best. You can feel it on your own Smartphone. Just install it on your device and try once. Here is the story for those who excited how amazing deal is this.

vshare apk download

vShare apk download as an app market

vShare has a wide collection of application that any user will love to play around. Because of its easiness to find out whatsoever app, you do not need to worry or else search the web. Just launch and search there. vShare has very own features to make you all comfortable there. Since you do not have to become rooted or agree on further conditions, it is easy to set up and deal with. Do not waste your time on your browser while you can collect a couple of apps in a single place.

Important facts behind vShare apk download

When you decide to set up vShare on your Android, you should confirm that your handset running Android 4.0.3. If it is an earlier OS, you cannot set up for you do not have minimum requirements either. Moreover, for older editions of the utility have bugs and issues that will not support you properly, it is important having the latest version always. So you can capture the current version 1.0 on your device and enjoy everything in a perfect manner rather than struggle far. Once you install it, make certain that you can update it often with recent releases.

Vshare for iOS

Of course, our beloved utility capable to support your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as well. As the same, you can count tons of third-party applications there devoid of any trouble. iOS 7.0 is the starting OS that the implement will perfectly work. Since most of the apple users are above 7.0, this became an amazing app store even for iOS as an alternative to the Apple app store. Issues you faced will no longer put you in troubles when you bond with vShare.

vshare apk download


The all-inclusive graphical user interface is the first thing that connects each other. And there is nothing to pay while it comes for free. Those who worry about their security having such a third-party utility do not need to worry about anything since it will not enter your personal data or else any further area. And even those applications that it holds are secured. You can easily set up and uninstall as well whenever you want.

Developer credits

Developer credits of vShare download go to AsumaSarutobi developers. Offer the app for free and all credits of its development go to them.